The windshield wipers on your vehicle are often overlooked and forgotten about. You might think about them when it rains or when mud happens to get splashed onto your windshield but generally they get left out when upgrade or replacement time rolls around.

With winter coming in, your windshield wiper blades become extremely important. Standard wiper blades, that is to say, the ones we use throughout the summer, work just fine for getting rid of water. When winter sets in, ice and snow are frequent guests on your windshield.

The rubber on these wiper blades also gets extremely stiff when the temperature drops, which significantly reduces their ability to effectively remove water and the grime that comes with winter driving. They can leave huge streaks behind them as they wipe which can make it dangerously difficult to see when driving at night.

Make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the winter season by bringing it in to Toyota of Cleveland today.

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