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Selecting the Right Toyota Tires

After a long winter's season of ice, snow, and potholes, chances are quite good you'll need some new Toyota Tires. Fortunately, it is easy to find discount Toyota tires and new tire specials in Cleveland TN and the surrounding areas. Simply bring your car in or call and tell us what type of Toyota you have, and an expert staff member will help you find just the right tires. There are many options when it comes to selecting tires, and a Toyota dealer in Cleveland TN can get the best ones for you based on your vehicle, tire size, and your driving style.

When to Get New Tires

Whether they're made to turn heads or designed to stop on a dime, tires are important for ensuring a safe and pleasant driving experience. Toyota tires can last quite some time with proper maintenance and care, but how will you know when to replace them? Fortunately, there are some easy ways to tell when you might be in need of a new set before trouble hits.

Because tires are subject to many different factors on the road, there is no way to know their precise lifespan. The tires' design, surfaces you drive over, seasonal road conditions, and maintenance that you put into the tires can affect their lifespan. Improper tire usage and storage can also significantly reduce tires' longevity. Failure to balance tires after they've been installed, using summer tires in the winter, mixing and matching tires, using different wheel and rim sizes, and driving in extremely hot or cold temperatures can cause considerable damage to tires. Independent of these factors, the general rule of thumb is that you should get your tires professionally inspected once a year if they are five or more years old. All tires, regardless of brand, should be replaced when they hit age 10.

In addition to age, several clues indicate when the time for new tires may be near. Perhaps the most obvious is worn treads. If your tires have a tread of 2/32 left or less, it's time to replace them. Legally, the least amount of tread that you can drive within the United States is 1.6mm. If you don't have a ruler handy to check the tires, you can use a quarter to figure out approximate tread wear. Simply stick the quarter, head-first, into a large groove. If the top of President George Washington's head is in line with the tread, you have about 4/32 of tread remaining. Your traction will be passable on slippery roads, and you'll need a new pair at the end of the season. If the top of the head is exposed, you probably have less than 4/32 left, which means it's time to get new tires immediately. Uneven wear, visible damage, damaged valve caps, and foreign objects like nails, stones, and embedded sticks also indicate that tires should be changed.

Types of Tires

There are many kinds of tires on the market around Chattanooga TN. All-terrain tires are a good bet if you want sturdy tires for driving year-round. All-terrain tires have good traction on a variety of road surfaces. They also perform well in different weather conditions, and they are rugged enough to use for driving off paved roads. However, their treads tend to wear out more quickly than treads of other types of tires, particularly specialized tires. Therefore, all-terrain tires should be rotated at least every 7,500 miles. Another good choice for year-round driving is all-season tires. All-season tires have a unique tread pattern that provides stability and grip in various conditions, such as hot and cold temperatures, rain, and snow. These tires are a popular choice in places like Dalton GA and Knoxville TN where the winters are not generally extreme enough to necessitate snow tires.

Moving into the category of more specialized tires, season-specific tires like summer and winter tires are common choices. You can also get performance tires to give your Toyota a sportier look and feel. If you choose to use specialized tires, be sure to use them according to the manufacturer's instructions, as improper use can shorten their lifespan or make your car less safe to drive. Summer tires, which are common in the Chattanooga TN area, have a special tread design that maximizes handling and performance in warmer temperatures on both wet and dry surfaces. The tires' unique tread, however, makes them perform less effectively in winter, and they should not be used on ice and snow. Snow tires are another common seasonal tire choice. These tires are heavier than summer tires. They come in two basic varieties, which are tires with studs and those without. Studless tires are ideal for moderate to severe winters. They're also made for many types of vehicles, including minivans, crossovers, coupes, and sedans. Studded snow tires provide even more traction in severe winter weather, including ice. They are best suited for driving on slippery roads at temperatures below freezing. If you get studded snow tires, be aware that their usage is restricted in many states because of their ability to damage road surfaces. Be sure to check your state's laws if you choose to get studded snow tires for your Toyota, as rules can change from one state to the next. Regardless of whether you opt for snow tires with studs or without, be aware that they should be installed in a complete set of four.

Caring for Your Tires

After investing time and money in new tires for your car, the last thing you want is to have to suddenly replace them. Proper tire maintenance is critical to ensuring your tires have a long and healthy life. Checking their air pressure at least once a month, and before and after long road trips, is a fundamental component of tire care. Tires that are over or under-inflated can wear quickly and unevenly, which means you may end up replacing them much sooner than anticipated. Improperly inflated tires can also reduce fuel efficiency, and they may be a safety hazard in poor conditions too. Keeping up with scheduled alignments, tire rotations, and inspections can increase your tires' longevity and potentially save you money too.

Whether you know exactly what kind of tire you want or need help selecting the right ones in Dalton GA, Chattanooga, Athens, Knoxville, Cleveland, McDonald our knowledgeable staff members are here to assist. They can provide expert advice on the best tires for your Toyota and let you know about current or upcoming deals and specials on tires, too.

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